[The Vision]
A journey to changing the Africa/Nigeria woman narrative!

In a world where the narrative of the African woman is often misconstrued, misrepresented and prejudiced, “The Real Woman” emerges as a trendsetting reality TV show poised to correct the negative perception of African femininity and redefine the essence of the African Woman, especially the Nigerian woman.

[What we aim]
To do

The Real Woman is an invitation for the world to witness the true essence and grace of the African/Nigerian woman and understand she is a force to reckon with.

To instigate a Paradigm Shift in the perception of African/Nigerian women and redefine their narrative.
To correct the misrepresentation of African/Nigerian women, particularly negative and inaccurate stereotypes.
To educate and enlighten the audience about the history, culture, ways, experiences and qualities of African/Nigerian women.
Application Are Open Right Now

A 91 days in-house reality TV show revealing the ideal Africa/Nigerian Woman.

Meet The Damsels
Coming Soon?

Who is a Real Woman? Join us as we together unveil to the world what possibilities lies at the beck and call of the Africa/Nigeria Woman!

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