[The Real Woman]
Most Nigeria women have lost the drive to display character,

that governs the expectation of social behaviours. More than 70% of the Nigerian population is made up of women, yet most of our men are still complaining of lack of good women to marry.

Our Philosophical Drive

Real Woman is an Entertainment and reality show. The production company is called Real Woman Limited.

The Brand

Is to Identify, Celebrate and Promote Culture, Tradition, Language, Fashion and Beauty.

Central Idea

We desire to present the best opportunities in terms of creating a unifying exposure for the African woman's dream to thrive.

Corporate Philanthropy

Our corporate interest in Philanthropy is to inspire and encourage corporate and individual citizens of Nigeria in promoting the cultural, social and environmental prosperity of rural communities.

[Our Drive]
Welcome to the Greatest Africa Reality TV Show

The biggest premiere Reality TV Show for ONLY women in Nigeria, with your organisation supporting these initiatives; it will go down in history as the single private Corporation to sponsor such show on TV

The house of Damsels
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Cultivating the Nigerian woman into a well rounded feminine/royalty!

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[The Proccess]
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Stage 1
Engagement Process
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Stage 3
Revealing the Ideal Woman
Join over 10,000,000 African/Nigeria men and women to register for the reality TV show coming on your screen.
Vote your favourite Damsel with just N100 per vote. You can also vote multiple times for a particular damsel.
Take the next step to keep your favourite damsel in the house by sharing and posting the contents on your timeline.
We prepare the stage for all the colourful and beautiful culture that will be displayed by the damles all through the show.
What is the show without the HOUSE OF DAMSEL. We show you the elegance and beauty laces within the Nigerian Culture all in one show
Bringing you the world's clasic and Africa's robust media broadcast to your home and comfort. We inspire you while entertaining you.
The Ideal Woman
At the core of her being lies an unwavering strength, forged from her wealth of experience. She goes through the highs and lows that decorate her existence.
A woman in places of honour
At the heart of the desire of a woman lies the quest for fulfillment. A yearning to live a life that is meaningful, authentic, and aligned with her deepest values and aspirations.
The Woman and work
For too long, the voices of African women have been silenced, their dreams stifled by the constraints of tradition and patriarchy and their aspirations misunderstood.
[Prizes to be won]
The winner?

Become a part of this great story in which we reculture and re-educate the world about what the Africa/Nigeria woman is and to leverage on the possibility that comes with it.

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